About Us

Best Odds Corp. has been established to provide media marketing and advertising services to online gaming companies by providing attractive on and off-line advertising packages through the vehicles of banner ad campaigns, email distribution, CPM campaigns and general marketing consulting. These services are available to online start-up or existing online gaming companies.

Best Odds Corp. also provides a variety of customer acquisition and retention solutions to clients in the online gaming and gambling industry through sales and marketing strategies.


Best Odds Corp. develops online marketing and advertising portals using legacy concepts and Web 2.0 technologies. Clients are offered online advertising packages that are designed to drive traffic to their web-site. These services are provided from the companies’ headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

By offering attractive media packages, Best Odds Corp. will have access to a $10 billion a year industry. This ranks only behind television and newsprint in terms of advertising dollars spent. Best Odds Corp. markets their services through an in-house sales force as well as third party independent contractors. Best Odds Corp. also intends to reach potential customers through advertisements in trade publications, and a network of salaried and commission-based sales reps.

Concurrent with our campaign to market our media services, we are developing other ways to take advantage of current marketing tools, such as developing a social network presence with and for our clients, promotional items and packages which include incentives through the concept of discounts and our own affiliate network.